AOD’s REVEAL 2018 Graduate Design Showcase to Premier Sri Lanka’s Next Gen Designers

Friday, 9th of November 2018 Views - 3655

The annual showcase of AOD’s graduating designers from visual communication design, interior design, motion graphic design and animation, as well as fashion—REVEAL— will be held as part of Sri Lanka Design Festival’s ‘Innovation Island’ 2018 edition this November. The event plays an important role in the ‘Innovation Island’ national vision for Sri Lanka’s creative industries, where design led innovation plays a major role in driving forward the country’s creative economy; In this vision, AOD’s REVEAL Graduate Design Showcase becomes the essential portrayal of Sri Lanka’s next generation of professional designers who will supercharge the ‘Innovation Island’ vision for creative industries with their fresh energy. The exhibition will be attended by an impressive delegation of international brands, labels, entrepreneurs and businesses linked to design and innovation.

Simultaneously, leading names in a wide cross-section of Sri Lankan industries like advertising, publishing, product exports, apparel, hospitality, homeware, architecture and interior design will also be part of the especially invited audience at the REVEAL graduate design showcase. The event will also be open to the public, giving After AL and OL students a rare opportunity to understand careers and prospects in design. The REVEAL Graduate Design Showcase will be held at Trace Expert City in Colombo with Sri Lanka Design Festival 2018, on November 9, 10 and 11. The REVEAL Graduate Design Showcase is held annually, as an integral part of the powerful network of opportunities and prospects made available by AOD to its graduates. It allows AOD’s outgoing students to meet potential employers from around the world as well as Sri Lanka’s business sector.

The graduate design showcase also becomes a fantastic opportunity for the young designers to form useful networks with other designers and gain valuable exposure as they step into the professional world. Another important facet of REVEAL is how it links this fresh talent to the international world of design that is constantly in search of unusual designers from interesting cultures like those in South Asia. These global connections allow AOD graduates to access the viewpoints and ideas of some of the leading creative names, design influencers and thought leaders from Europe, North America, Scandinavian nations and Asia, at a very early point in their professional careers. Such influential connections that most young designers often need to work years to establish, can help AOD design graduates to kick start their careers at a very promising place.

This major advantage that AOD presents its graduates is one of the most celebrated aspects of its education, where students can access a powerful design network at home and abroad, through carefully selected links that can advance their careers—a factor that has undoubtedly contributed to AOD’s 100% graduate employment rate. REVEAL Graduate Design Showcase is also open to the public as it presents an unusual opportunity for parents, students and young people aspiring to work in design disciplines like interior architectural design, visual communication design, motion graphics and animation design as well as fashion. The event will help them understand the current standards in design practices and related businesses, how focused talent, good professional practice and commitment to work are translated to great employment potential, and also how the business of creativity works through professional networks, international links and industry patronage.

This fantastic insight into design careers and prospects will help young students and their parents make better decisions about the future. AOD has extended an open invitation to aspiring designers and their parents as well as the business world to visit REVEAL Graduate Design Showcase to get inspired, form new collaborations or to discover the design talent that will help take your business to the next level. There will be a range of events and activities such as forums and workshops, design talks and installations on all three days and an open mic night on Saturday 10th Nov from 4pm onwards. Visit for the full schedule of events. 

For more information, reach out to AOD hotline on 0775727772. To get more information on the 2019 intake for BA (Hons) design degrees in visual communication design, interior design, motion graphics & animation design, and fashion, reach out to AOD on 0115867772/3 or visit