Making the future medical dream a reality ANC Future Center Medical Placements

Sunday, 14th of October 2018 Views - 4194

On October 17th, A batch of Medical students will fly to Belarus with the help of Sri Lanka’s No.1 Medical Placement Centre, ANC Medical Placements. A remarkable number of students were enrolled to the state universities in Belarus. Students will be sent for pre -med program and for 1st year andIf students meet the minimum eligibility requirement of the Sri Lankan Medical Council, ANC Medical Placements guarantee an entry to any university aboard which is recognized under SLMC. Students going through ANC Medical placements have a competitive edge because we conduct free Anatomy and Physiology classes for the medical students with the help of prestigious lectures and Medical doctors from renowned state universities in Sri Lanka.

Having a firm standpoint to conduct business with integrity and respect for students and this means no hidden payments or anything that will take them by surprise. In fact, one could confidently declare them as the most reasonable direct placement centre in Sri Lanka. ANC Future Centre – Medical Placements facilitatewith universities in Australia, USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Germany, Latvia, Russia, Belarus, Georgia, Ukraine, China, India, Nepal and Malaysia. All arrangements from visa arrangements to accommodation, ANC medical placements have taken complete charge to fulfill the adequate necessities of the young students who will be the future doctors of Sri Lanka.

This is a landmark in the history of ANC since the commencement. ANC is operating with more than 15 years of expertise in the education industry. We are the No.1 Medical Placements Centre in Sri Lanka. Dr. HarryPrasad, Head of Operations (ANC Medical Placements), who is also a medical graduate from a leading medical university in Belarus currently practicing at Hemas Hospital Wattala, will accompany the batch of Medical students along with their parents. Overall it was a very successful journey and we made sure every medical student’s dream is fulfilled at the right hands. We wish our students all the very best to make Sri Lanka proud. ANC Medical Placements definitely plays an important role during student orientation and familiarization and throughout the entire stay as an overseas student. Facilitating,

  • Foreign University Admissions
  • Student Visa Processing
  • Airline Ticket Reservations
  • Student Accommodation in University Hostels and Apartments
  • Student Medical Insurance
  • Document Translations
  • Attestations and University Orientation and Familiarization.

ANC Medical Placementsis a great platform for all students to uncover their true competence – personally and professionally. Your journey to becoming a passionate medical professional begins here.