SLIIT’s Young Engineering EXPO to be held on 11th July

Sunday, 1st of July 2018 Views - 1857

The Sri Lanka Institute of information technology (SLIIT) Engineering Faculty has org anized the Young Engineering Expo 2018 for the fourth consecutive year which will be held on the 11th of July 2018. The exhibition will be hosted at the SLIIT Auditorium in Malabe. Started in 2015, the exhibit is an opportunity for first year engineering students at SLIIT to showcase their innovative ideas to tackle real world engineering problems, using their theoretical knowledge in practical situations.

The Design and Process module will be significantly highlighted at this exhibition since it focuses on engineers finding an array of solutions to real-world industrial problems by building their own range of next generation innovative products. Both Mr. Madhawa Herath, the Lecturer in Charge and the Course Leader, Prof. Chandana Perera have been very encouraging in the endeavours of these young engineers. Each group of five engineering students at the initial workshop selected to tackle one industry related problem that required an engineer’s help. They then worked on finding the perfect solution, which is a product that can help solve said issue.

The final evaluation of the finished projects will be judged on the day of the exhibition, which will be done by the course leader, Professor Chandana Perera. One particular group worked on creating a saline infusion pump for veterinarians which measures the volume of saline given to animals. Although such machines are available in the market, they are too expensive, so these innovators came up with an affordable alternative.

Since, on average, doctors usually prescribe only 20ml of saline, having a properly calibrated saline pump is essential to ensure the pets’ health safety. Many other innovative exhibits will also be on display at the EXPO. The exhibition which allows students to showcase their skills also gives them the opportunity to meet with industry experts and get their feedback on the projects they have worked on. The networks created at this EXPO can help students get a competitive edge in their careers as they finish their engineering degree.

The 04 year BSc Engineering (Hon) degree programme at SLIIT is specifically designed to prompt innovative, out of the box thinking, creating Engineers who are real problem solvers. Those following the course can opt to major in Civil Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Materials Engineering Mechanical Engineering or Mechatronics. SLIIT is a leading tertiary education institution specializing in the fields of Information Technology, Engineering, and Business. SLIIT conducts study programs under affiliations from Curtin University of Australia and Liverpool John Moores University of the United Kingdom in the fields of Engineering,Computing, Architecture and Quantity Surveying. Come witness this phenomenal event as it will give both amateurs and experienced professionals a taste of the perception and potential of the next generation’s budding engineers.

Ayeshni Wickramasinghe