Finding the True Spirit of Christmas… ANC students reach out to children in need

Thursday, 28th of December 2017 Views - 1105

The meritorious deed of charity is highly praised by every religion, and Scripture emphasizes the importance of caring about the lives of others: Christmas is the spirit of giving-to forget self and find time for others. ANC students and staff, irrespective of their religion or creed, gathered at Chandrasekera Special School in Moratuwa last week as part of Christmas celebrations, to help the young children in care hope for a better tomorrow. 

The effort taken by the members of ANC Charity club, Rotaract Club, Business Club, Internal Marketing Team, and HR Department in organizing this event and the guidance given by the senior management in making this endeavor a success are highly commendable. 

Every child was provided with essential school supplies to ensure a meaningful educational experience for them. The children anxiously opened the gift packs to see their new supplies, and the moving response-their smiles and excitementwas an unforgettable experience for everyone present. 

Besides distributing school items, ANC students made sure the young children had a fun filled evening, which make them feel wanted. Even though more emphasis is placed on academics, ANC Education organizes various student activities to inspire and guide students on more important things in life- generosity, compassion, love, kindness, tolerance, etc. In this light, visiting Chandrasekera Special School was to show them why it is important to care for others.

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