The Real World begins after your O/Ls

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For many students in Sri Lanka, the biggest hurdle faced is the O/ Level examinations. Comprising of years of study, all depending on the final exam, the exam is a cause for stress and anxiety. However, many would agree, that getting the expected results, is also the cause of the greatest celebration! O/levels can be a stepping stone to promising academic and business careers. They remain absolutely crucial, especially in terms of entry to university. However, it is not just about passing exams. Most employers would say that academic qualifications are not necessarily the best measure of potential, factors like character and personality are just as important. It is said however, that the exam can develop attributes such as leadership and the ability to work with other individuals,which is crucial. NCHS wishes all students who are about to sit for the exam, the very best of luck!

The Next Chapter

Nawaloka College of Higher studies (NCHS) is a provider of globally recognized higher education qualifications. Located in the heart of Colombo, the NCHS campus consists of modern facilities, providing students with an international learning environment. With a strong commitment to provide high quality education, NCHS offers distinctive benefits that are tailor made to suit the needs of each individual student.

Local Credibility

Nawaloka is synonymous with quality, and that is the underlying objective at NCHS. A key indicator of quality is credibility. Credibility is seen through the work that it can done since it was established and as the institute proves itself over its seven intakes

Global Partnerships

NCHS has partnered with the global leaders in education, the Swinburne University of Technology as well as the California State University. This enables NCHS to offer a plethora of subjects to the students. The partnerships will eradicate most of the impediments that deter students from studying in Australia and America, such as high finances and visa. Students from NCHS have transferred to the partner universities and are thriving with the foundation received at NCHS. “As NCHS is an affiliated college you are basically students at Swinburne but you have the advantage of getting more help with your studies with one-on-one help from the excellent teaching staff and the smaller classrooms. This also means that you have full access to the blackboard online system from the start. All of this helps to make the transition as smooth as it can be” said SenalRanaweera who transferred to Melbourne in order to complete his degree in International Business.

Tailor Made Study Programs

At NCHS, students enjoy smaller classes, focused learning and one-on-one time with the teachers, giving every opportunity to succeed in studies. The study programs conducted at NCHS are identical to that of Swinburne, Australia and CSUMB and follow the same curriculum, methods of teaching and evaluations, ensuring high quality and international standards. These identical industry- informed and industry-engaged study programs at NCHS are specially designed to combine rigorous academic studies with practical knowledge essential for the academic and career success of the students.

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